my angel of the sun

Written by: Travis Tapley

you my angel of the sun
sent with your halo’s fire
burn your brand upon my heart
wrap me in your blazing wings
toss my embers into the sky
catch me when i fall
flaming with your love

you my angel of the sun
make me yours with the
voice of heaven’s choir
shine you golden eyes
upon my melting heart
like a volcano you flow 
lava through my veins

you my angel of the sun
the radiance in me
a flame that grows with
every bright smile
the heat of my nights
and light of my days
wrap you aura around me
getting lost in your paradise

you my angel of the sun
watch me blush in the
touch of your love
lost in the moment
the warmth of your rays
the ecstasy in my soul
thankful that you shine on me