Summer Sounds Abound

Written by: Joe Flach

Lying on a soft bed of grass
Eyes closed to enhance the sounds
That gives witness to the fact
It’s the hottest time of year.

The clanging of a bicycle’s bell
With baseball cards flapping in its spokes
As Billy rushes down to the nearby field
Where balls smack against wooden bats.

I hear the purr of a distant lawn mower 
The sound enhances the smell
Of freshly cut bermuda 
Whose stains are on the knees of some young boy’s jeans.

The swish, swish, swish that enters my head
Entices visions of the rope being skipped
To the rhythm of the young girls’ song
“Down in the valley where the green grass grows...”

Birds chirping,
Bees buzzing,
A dog’s bark intermixed
With all these sounds
And the sun beating down
It’s a wonder how I drifted off to snoring.

Entry in The Sounds of Summer contest