March Madness

Written by: Christi Kopp

I get up early to till the soil
Spread the cloth to stop the weeds
Carefully lay out and plant the seeds
Knowing the result will be worth the toil

I wait as patiently as I can
Watching for weeds like a hawk
Stay out of my garden I squawk
Everything's perfect according to plan

Days go past incredibly slow
Always looking for that flash of green
Only the weeds have been seen
I keep waiting for my garden to grow

Frustrated I purchase seedlings as a jump start
I plant them in even rows nice and neat
I water them carefully and talk to them sweet
They droop and they wilt, just breaking my heart

Though I treat them with the greatest care
My brown thumb shines no matter what I do
And nothing ever survives the season through
This is the way my plants always fair