"I" vs "ME"

Written by: Chuck Keys

"I" vs "ME"
                 Authored by Chuck Keys

I wondered why "I" was "me" or was "I" truly "me?"
and decided maybe "I" should flee.

The person inside "I" was unlike "I"
he talked so much; I thought maybe "I" was "me."

So decided "I," to talk with "me"
seeking one way or another who was "I" and who was "me."

we both decided that "I" would be "I"; he would be "me."
and neither of us would be "we."

The time for lunch had arrived for "I" and for "me."
hard and indecisive the choices were for "I" and for "me" surely not "we."

"I" wanted Chinese
"me" wanted Vietnamese

argument ensued delightful not
moods and tempers got very hot

parting was planned as a solution
either that or an immediate revolution

"I" went "I" way 
while "me" went "me" way.

Two heads apart parted apart
With insides and outsides also apart

But, who was that person who dwelt inside "me" and "I?"
who tried so hard to be like "I" or was it "me?" but surely we know not "we."

Were "we" actually "I" and "me" inpart or apart?
Apart and together we were not "we" we know for sure.  I think!