Grown Ups II

Written by: Sue Mason

How is it you know what to do?
Who told you?
Was it others you watched and mimicked
in the hope They knew how to do ... life?

Your way as a mother
when you knew no other than violence
and strife as she even took a knife
to threaten you ... why look
at how gentle you are with your child.
Is it the opposite for you
of what you thought she knew?

How did you learn to touch?
A sweet, gentle caress and yes,
we are out of caves now
so hair dragging is no longer needed.
Why do some beat and maim
or play the blame game
while others can cry when you do?

Everything we learn along the way
kindergarten never helped except 
to say ... Sorry.
Sorry you never knew
and, Thank You.
Thank You for showing us what not to do.