Breaking Down

Written by: Destiny Budd

As I'm standing in the shower
The water changes cold
Now head hid in the corner
Some tears start to mold

But I don't cry 'cause it's freezing
The chilly water just made me crack
Stacked on top of everything
And I try to choke sobs back

I can't let anyone hear me
I've never tried to whine
So I'll just suffer silently
Acting like I'm just fine

And in fact I've played myself
Denial to depression
Pretended I had happy wealth
And joy in my possession

And who am I? To focus on me?
Though it's a lie and truly fake
Others can have it just as badly
So I shouldn't fuss for their sake

So I take a deep and long inhale
Not wanting to open my eyes
To see the ugly truth unveiled
Just to put on my disguise

December 2009