Just How Did My Garden Grow .

Written by: Sean Kelly

Mary , Mary quite contrary
How did my garden grow ?
You know darned well
It's just been hell
With Winter's frost and snow .
Bought expensive seeds
That were colored weeds
That grew and grew some more
So , just like I said
It is wrecking my head
And my green finger is getting sore .
My daffs were a laugh
And my posies can't pose
The buttercups all turned sour.
The ducks in the pond
Are beyond the beyond
And the ivy is poison , for sure .
My frog , Mr. Toad
Took to the road
To meet a Princess
Who is loaded with cash .
I'm sore , sad and sick
Because of Reykjavik
What ain't weeds
Is now covered in ash .

Inspired for Dane-Ann's garden contest .