My Chicken Adventure

Written by: Chuck Keys

My Chicken Adventure
                                 Authored by Chuck Keys

I found a chicken at my door
barely moving on the floor
kind of bony in and out
dirty stinky not proud nor stout

what brought him to my door today
with nothing in hand nor able to lay
I asked "where came you"
replied he  "a land away true"

I asked "friend or foe this fine day"
replied he, "I am here to dine n' stay"
another mouth to feed and care for
maybe I need to show him the door

thinking of dinner for myself, " hmm" said I
"should I eat the chicken with potatoes and peas?"
so happy and gleeful he smiled so free
Thinking maybe wouldn't be eaten by me

Hungry as I was, riled at my noisy uninvited guest
i looked at him, thinking, maybe he should be my quest.
Fried, baked, barbecued or soup?
He was destined to my food group.

I ate him.