Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen


Fairytales make life’s romance enchanting,
Beguiling souls, entrancing, enchanting.

Reality can change dreams’ to yearnings,
Thinking of tomorrow’s views, enchanting.

Peaceful thinking ignites inspiration. 
Ending fights and frights with right’s enchanting.

Haughty hearted men may stay in shackles,
The modest souls live each day enchanting.

Evil smites godliness as wealth rabbles.
The godly give their kindness…enchanting.

Conceit looks up to self, down on others.
Meekness wears modesty’s crown…enchanting.

Dishonesty destroys mighty friendships
Truthfulness sets trusting free…enchanting.

One intricate surviving machine, earth, 
Strives, thrives, co-exists, and gleans…enchanting.

Mountain splendor boasts glorious vastness.
Lovers join mysterious enchanting.

Nature’s beauty arouses man’s spirit,
Designing beautiful lands, enchanting.

Poetic Form: Ghazal
© Dane Smith-Johnsen
April 17, 2010