So Long Ago

Written by: Virginia Muller

So Long Ago

Lyrics from our song
linger, lovingly, within the air.
I hear your voice
clearly as if you were
standing by my side.

I hear  words 
so often spoke as we
held one another  close,
"I'll love you forever,
into eternity" your 
husky voice gently echos.

I feel your touch, as
fine whiskers brush
against my cheek &
the scent of familiar
cologne lightly drifts
around my face, reminding
me of how you once
made me feel.

Afraid to open my 
eyes, as I know you
have already gone.
A faint whimper from
another room brings 
back reality,  here,

A  blue eyed baby girl,
a blonde toddler
boy still need me,
no matter your choice.

They, too, were
part of our "forever
into eternity". 
Those once
felt feelings, now 
sadness, tears.

Throught the pain,
two tiny hearts bring joy to
my broken heart, my life.

A part of an"eternity"
you will never know ,
as you romance
another soul to
surrender to a surreal
false tenderness.