Written by: John Trusty

Bouncing in a crate day after day,
gifts from the fortunate, in the U.S. of A.

Somehow falling through a crack,
did this box of 48, destination Iraq.

The crayons later found buried in sand,
the box dug out by a child missing a hand.

The desert heat was very strong
and so before very long,

nearly all the colors melted together,
not unlike birds of the same feather.

Red, Yellow, Black, White and Browns,
colors that can’t live together in our towns.

It’s so very sad to say,
these colors together may never learn to play.

We Need:

To learn to live like the crayons in that box,
welcoming each new color when he knocks.

Maybe Then:

We could create one heavenly tolerant picture
made with colors from this wonderful mixture.