Their own little people

Written by: Blythe Journey

Watching them fuss 
Amuses me
As she colors 
As he reads
Listening to his words
Aloud he says "pathologist"
And my mind can't wrap
Itself around this nine year old
Boy saying these words 
And this little girl beside him
Coloring her own picture 
Of life and her world 
Not my world anymore
No diapers no bottles
No rice cereal sticking to
My feet in the kitchen 
Because I spilled it on a
Sleepy morning when the
Night before I held them 
Rocked them to sleep through
Teething and fevers and coughs
And I grab at these days that
Slip through my fingers
Like sand or water
As I watch them be their
Own little people
Fussing about absolutely nothing
Just to fuss and proclaim
That they are 
Their own little people 
And I loosen my grip 
Tears burning my eyes
As they grow 
When I look into their eyes
My mind travels to that day
That day we looked at
Each other for the first time
And I thought of diapers 
And bottles and clipping
Oh so tiny fingernails 
And no matter their height
My mind can't let go
And won't ever forget 
The nights they slept 
Upon my chest 
And I knew one day 
They couldn't
That they would be 
Their own little people 
Reading books and coloring pictures 
And growing faster 
than I could let go
And fussing as they 
Declare they are who 
They are
Their own little people