The Loving Parental Role

Written by: Gareth James

Perfect in every way
 Affection that has no evaluation 
  Rare love that is held by fathers every day
   Eternity with my children, no need for salvation 
    Nothing said to disarm me or inhibit my say
     Trust so strong, even if let down with an abrasion 
      Attribute to my life, from the time they set you to weigh
       Lost times made up, for there will always be an occasion 

Loving my Babies, my life further down the list
 Optimistic knowledge you will always make me proud
  Virtue, with out a uncertainty. Embracing the times missed
   Execution of my duty. Nothing to big, for that I vowed.

Amazing Boy, cutely dressed. Endearingly funny Girl, hosting intently juice. Kind-hearted, 
loving mother. Nothing obscures parental questions, regarding seriously tired underage 
Villains wanting  X-Men….Yawning!!!!!……..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

* For A Rambling Poets Contest.
   "Parental Love"