Jesus Paid the Price

Written by: Patricia Gregory

This Poem pays tribute to our Lord and Savior for giving up His life: HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

Jesus paid the price for all our sins
They beat Him til they tore off His skin
They would beat Jesus almost to death
Just because He wouldn’t acknowledge their king being the best
God our Father is the greatest of Kings
Something they knew their king could never ever be
What they did to Jesus was truly so dumb
Knowing in their hearts no crime had been done
They shouted crucify Him, crucify Him
Why? Because He is The Lord
Having no idea what they would be in for
What was not known to man was that Jesus had been prepared
‘cause God told Jesus His life couldn’t be spared
When they nailed Him to that cross
He took everything with Him so we wouldn’t be lost
Jesus died so that the world could be free
For us to live in peace, love and harmony
Even after all what Jesus went through
You know He still forgave them, saying Father they know not what they do
That was such a great Love that He had for those
Who thought they could destroyed His heart and kill His soul
Why Jesus loves us so much I will never know
This one thing is for sure I’m in Love with Him so.

Luke 23:33a
And when they came to the place, which is
called Calvary, there they crucified Him…