Where The Wind Doesn't Blow

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Where the wind doesn't blow
And the night bugs brilliantly glow

Where all is calm at peace so still
And the sun rises and sets over the hill

Where the rain won't fall down cold
And all the fairies grow very very old

Where there's no meaning or thought of time
And no concept at all of crime

Where rainbows end in a pot of gold
And all can believe what is told

Where disappointments are taken in strife
And love is known as a way of life

Where flowers are forever in bloom
And cherubs with wings operate the loom

Where all the animals feel free to roam
And never from hunger do they moan

Where colors bleed and begin to swirl
And stars go spinning a dance and twirl

Where turquoise waters flow over the fall
And without ever giving it a thought at all

Where all is safe far and near
And never ever to feel fear

Where but does this place exist 
And makes it all worth a risk

Where a flash of light beckons me
And with open eyes I travel willingly

Where but only within your reaching arms
And deep in your eyes can I go so far