Tea For Two

Written by: Sue Mason

Did you say you want to know me?
Which me could that be ...
which of the what-evers that were me when?
The one from way back then
with pigtails flying behind
already learning to hide pain
to become another Me
that no one could see
unless they looked real close?
Looked at the daughter, the sister,
the student, the friend, the worker,
the lover, the wife, the drunk.
The Momie me, the widow,
the divorced me ... twice ..
the divorced from me Me.
Which role to know?
Age brings them to an end,
no more parts to play, no pretend,
no stage or lights, only lines etched by time.
Naked we arrived to life.
Naked we leave emptied
of all the layers of all the Me.
Perhaps we will know
in that other place, that other space,
where souls become We.