My assignment...

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

Dad not all should be called by this name, for it is an honor and a duty. Some call us 

father, some say daddy and some just call us matter how you say it? If you fail 

to do any of these assignments, you failed not just your child, but everyone.

I'm a chef, a maid, a parent, a teacher, a lawyer, carpenter, Plummer, painter, doctor, 

trash man, chauffer, guard, friend, enemy, Sheppard, defender and daddy. I get days off 

sometime… but my real pay comes when I teach my children correctly, I work some nights 

and sometimes even on my day off when needed or when called, I only get off 

when sick but always still on guard...This is not a job but an assignment from God... and God 

knows... that we all will suffer if I should fail any part of my assignment, but when I get it 

right? Angels rejoice and God smiles!