What is a True Friend

Written by: Colleen Bono

A true friend will stick by you,
through thick and through thin,
They will help heal your heartaches,
and help when you sin.

A true friend will be there,
where ever you might go,
If you're ever in trouble,
they are the first one's to show.

A true friend will never judge you,
they keep you strong when you're weak,
If you're ever down on your luck,
they will wipe your tears when you weep.

A true friend will be there,
if you stumble and fall,
when you need someone to talk to,
they will answer your call.

A true friend won't walk away,
they will always be in your heart,
if their a friend they will be there,
and always have from the start.

Everyone needs a true friend they can always count on.