Flint Stones

Written by: jai Garg

Flashes from the paparazzo’s get to her nerves,
New boss in well nurtured moves plays down her curves,
While I watch and wait to figure out her reserves,
With that smile accepts lewd comments she does not deserve.

Taken by intimacy and her open alarm,
She chooses to shatters, strangle and openly disarm,
The gaping audience with her luscious delightful charm,
Unfazed uncovered keeps her firm grip on my forearm.

Toxic eyes play with my mind to her ambiguity, 
While arms stake her posture, temptation learns to entwine,
Shaken by her voice my free hand move over her spine,
In quick desire the voluptuous covets to refine. 

Ignites the fire with out a spark or sound to mesh,
Burns others with ecstasy while we seethe from the crash: