Lonely Weather

Written by: Michael Poyntz

Thought that I knew you so well
my heart thought that she
knew you even better
like a change of season
you’ve moved on
twilight comes and lovers go
each brings a change of heartbeats
and it looks like I’m in for
lonely weather

If I thought you would stay
perhaps I would promise to love you more
but it was not me who turned 
and it is you walking away with my heartbeat	
so now you’ve decided to move on
not a real word not even a truthful reason given
I guess reality is coming through
now that your invisible I can finally see
the true colors of you

Fifteen seconds counted out
one second at a time may be all 
that I can handle for a long long time
I went to my knees for you…only you
and you still walked away
could you not feel could you not hear
that I’m now silent and been broken
but these tears are not about you
it is about my lost trust in me

Knowing now that every heartbeat
takes me one breath farther from you
I will pull through for I’m a survivor
time may never erase the empty shadow
left in my heart because of you
I want you to know
       ….   I need you to know
that I don’t do well
in lonely weather


Dedicated to CD on her rainy day!