Life in the Oil Patch

Written by: Ronald Bingham



I've lived life hard, I've lived life full,

I wasn't the type that stood around and shot the bull.

Every lesson I learned, I learned complete,

Life was good but it wasn't always sweet.

Rigging up drilling rigs and tearing them down,

Moving from county to county and from town to town.

Turning that drill pipe around and round,

Sending that pipe deeper and deeper into that old ground.

Searching for oil, searching for gas,

It was a way of life that is hard to surpass.

The work was dirty the work was hard, 

And if you made it in one piece from payday to payday you could thank the Lord.

It's hard to explain but it gets in your blood,

Maybe we just swallowed too much of that nasty old drilling mud.

Only certain types of people can ever relate,

A place where you go to test your fate.

I'm a mighty lucky man and I've got the scars to prove it all,

The life I led, I wouldn't trade for the world, but it took some gall.

Although I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, I personally miss those days,

Some of us born down here in Texas are a little mental, but it's just our ways.