Written by: Jeff Bresee

What lies beneath a sea of numb
Where ships of heart were taken down
Sunk to the bottom with the one
I hated and I meant to drown

For in its hull it carried pain
Instead of what its purpose was
And thus I had immense disdain
Because it never carried love

So yes, I set it in my sights
Then fired all I had and more
Carpet-bombing through the night
To sink it to the ocean floor

And when it finally disappeared
I flew away and did not know
The others ships were likewise pierced
Doomed just as well to slip below

They sank at random, one by one
The ships of pride and hope and fear
Of aspiration, sad and fun
The ship of peace, the ship of tears

The ship of drive, the ship of will
No ship was spared, the plight went on
They fell, and fell, and fell, and fell
Until at last all ships were gone

So now in silent flight I go
No signals come as were before
No guidance from the sea below
No hope of landing…anymore

…Jeff Bresee