Poems - part 5

Written by: Th3Mirr0r Mirror


Around, silence..
In silence, a shadow..
The shadow, a woman, 
She stays there, on a bench, crying..

A lack of confidence..
Confidence lost..cos there, in the meadow, 
Finds a peace, her man; 
He is there, in her arms, slowly, slowly, dying...

Sometimes, has its own actions..
Irreversible situations, 
Alike when now, one is healthy
And then..sudden..dies..
But his woman, stays there, near her man, 
Remembers the beautifull moments before they were gone

She remembers that one day before
He was smiling back to her so full of life! 
But now, the merry moments are no more..
Sudden, in a morning after, gone, because of a strife...
A strife seen in a casual death chain
Cos her man
Struggles to live..
He has no will, to leave..

'I wish to lie down on the grass, my wife'
He whispers, slowly, bearly breathing
And the teary eyes of his woman, 
Looks at him, alike begging to remain alive..
She drags him off the bench, there, on the grass, 
Holds him dearly in her arms, 
And her silky hair covers his face, 
Alike the night covers the stars..
She close her eyes wishing again to feel

the other soul, 
To give it life, 
To split her life..
'Stay with me..
Do not leave me..'
She says him, among tears, flowing in a river
And her body, shiver, 
When pressing her lips
In a silent life-kiss, 
Of a morning after...
He's breathing normal now; 
The heart-attack stopped; 
The supply of blood and oxygen to an area of heart muscle is un-blocked, 
And lives..
All because of God's will
To make happy a loving wife, 
Changing hand of fate, 
In a morning after...