Forgive and forget

Written by: Gareth James

Thinking this world was turning a new leaf
Reading a poem that turned to disbelief 
How can I read such a praising word?
To a term of phrase that shouldn't be heard.

Don’t think I am sheltered in my life
Care and teach, don’t cut with a knife!!
Disappointed to say the least
Embrace, even people from the east

I know a word doesn’t amount to discrimination 
But lead us God, not in to temptation.
Educate the world to be a united place
No matter, what ever colour, creed and even race  

Many views that have upset me so
Feeling my soul cry, I just want to up and go
I’m here on the Soup for great inspiration
But I may have to leave, for lack of admiration 

I may have it wrong, for that I hope
If thats the case, I will wash my mouth out with soap!
But, forgive and forget, and a second chance
My motto that is, and never give it a second glance