Dark Day

Written by: Manoj Kumar

The day had dawned with promises of times good
When the little child was begging for food
Hadn’t seen a morsel in days, still didn’t have it in sight
Would the Gods in heaven pity my plight?

The day had dawned and the nation saw rays of hope
Although Oh! Father, they found you hanging at the end of a rope
Unable to bear the grief of seeing his children die
Lying around, like birds that couldn’t fly

The day had dawned and the flag was hoisted
Pomp and show followed, banners were posted
But I didn’t get a grain of rice, even though I tried
And I watched, as of starvation, my brothers died

The day had dawned, and we’re independent they said
Free from the clutches of an anarchist figure head
But why am not free from this destitution
What did I get from freedom, or a new constitution?

Should I believe the hollow words of the proponents of this theory?
For their words are like icing on an undemocratic pastry
Or should I look around and trust what I see
Not a drop of water, not a standing tree

Look at the sky, God! Has the day dawned?
Look around you, and wave your magic wand
Rid the world of sorrow, set things right
Because for the little child, it isn’t dawn, it is still night