There's a message in the Music

Written by: John Streeter

"Before the pianist sit's on her stool", his or her professionalism is admire by the capture
of the audience appreciation as she tickle's the ivory and shows the "Golden Rule".
The golden rule dictate's a Message of being overwhelm by that certian sound that makes 
us dance and make's us enjoy the quanity of feeling's, if the music is about romance. But
when the music brings a tapping of the feet's or a praising dance unto happiness or a slow
dance into someone arm of softness, "there's a message in the music", and its the sound 
of loftiness. Now she play's her piano so expressily the facial expression is a message of
within itself. The message being, that the seriousness of detail that makes one understand 
the reason to clap my hand. "Do you understand".
Do you and the countless number of people, all with different varitie's of musicical taste,
ever feel a oracle of joy and austustic appreciation to your own detail to clearily get the
message. Life and sin - has a message all of its own. One can bring death into a pit of misery
while the other (Life) reveals a message of Music of omnipency unto a history of musical in-