Written by: Tanya Jenkins

They say the eyes are the gateway to your soul
Revealing the dark side of my inner man
Constant contrast deep inside of me
I’m ready to release the beast
This world is not big enough to contain my presence
My energy is drained when people want to claim to understand my lonely walk in this so-
called life I live
Control is what they truly want to own
Enslaving the very essence, beauty, creativity that they were drawn to in the beginning
I’ll revert back to my ancestors and start a revolution on them
Denying them of the pleasure to capture my spirit
I arm myself with my automatic weapon, grenades and my shield
Reciting my mantra “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no 
Ears ringing, my heart singing my precursors song “way in the water”
Bullets are tearing my enemies in half
Mutilated bodies are multiplying
Afraid of turning around to count my glorious victory 
My arms are heavy
Broken glass shattered around
I hear a familiar voice crying 
It is me my inner man