He Said He Thought I Saved Him

Written by: Mary Nagy

The celebration ended
as we dragged ourselves to bed.
My heart is brimming over
with the words that he just said.

We were sleepily talking
as we so often do.
To no suprise he leaned over
and said ''I really love you''.

Of course this is the routine.
We always say ''Goodnight
I love you and sleep well''
but he didn't stop there tonight.

He said he thought I saved him
from what he would have been.
He said he was so thankful
that I found him way back when.

I felt my heart would burst
from hearing such sweet love.
I've often felt that I'm the one
who owed my life above.

Of course I didn't save him.
His soul is way too pure.
The truth is I'm the lucky one
of this I know I'm sure.