You Shined

Written by: casper chubs

The wall behind you kisses your outline
And im just loving how you love dirty
When i call you beautiful you just shine
And i try especially hard to not be flirty

The whole time i was thinking
Just about the future and what it might bring
How our hearts are chains linking
And this grandest of loves is truly a silly thing

And i could have said it all on the first date
Thats not up for discussion
For you my thoughts could never be late
They are your cushion

I dont think youve missed one of my dreams
Not since we re together
Its like i want to just tear myself at the seams
Seperate from eachother

It isnt sometimes because its all the time
All the time that youre on my restless mind
And at night i come up with a stupid rhyme
About when i called you beautiful you shined