Inspirational Spell

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

I can't forget your smile
I can't forget your voice
I think of you, all the while
And it's only my own choice.
You run through my mind constantly.
It's something I cannot control.
Whenever you say you love me
My heart is as big as my soul.
You're my inspiration.
The feeding of my mind.
I no longer need to think.
For your there, every single time.
Your eyes, they pull me into;
it seems, another world.
I forget what is going on around me.
And I'm entranced under your spell.
Your voice is very soothing.
I could listen all night long.
Your lips, I should be kissing.
Especially when you sing a song.
For you, I would shout everywhere.
I'd never skip a word.
To tell the world about you.
I know, it seems absurd.
I cannot express too much here.
For, more will be coming soon.
I'll leave off with an "I love you"
My dear, you make me swoon.