Reverse Psychology (true story)

Written by: Danny Nunn

Did you ever feel like you were fighting the Chinese army
In had to hand combat, you can never stop the flow
You are thinking, :God there has to be another way"
You just have to reverse their psychology
Or you are out of bullets and you are at The Alamo
Your best ammunition is to pray

Several years ago I had a low paying job in construction
My boss wanted to be Hitler, a slave driver
No matter how hard I worked, he wanted more
All it was doing was my destruction
To him I was just a gopher
So I had to change the numbers in the score

Working overtime, 7 days a week, I got tired
So early one morning, I went to his office to have it out
I knew that I had to go about it in a different way
One wrong move and I was fired
Made it short and sweet, left little doubt
He listed to what I had to say

"You know last night, I prayed hard for you"
Dropped his pen and his eyes got big, I had his attention
Like the fear of God was in his soul by what I had to say
Not giving him time to think I said, "might do it again tonight too"
"But did think that I would bring that to your attention"
Almost humbled he said, "Why would you do this for me"

"Well I figured that a feller like you needed a prayer"
But be careful you are not out of the woods yet"
"And No Sir, I don't want an apology"
"But wear a hard hat when you go out there"
"just thought that I would tell you so you don't forget"
"Why one of those old falling blocks could reverse your psychology