Written by: Jeff Bresee


Born of hearts desire
A flame of inner fire

Dies to quiet fear
Fades and disappears

Or rises like a dove
To the atmosphere above

Of contempt and envy
Where mediocrity reigns

For doth not heat rises into hovering cold
And light disperse into the black of night

Indeed so

But greatness finds a way
When guarded day by day

Encased in iron will 
Protected from the chill

Burning as a glow
For they who find and know

To lock away all aspirations
Within the iron vessel of courage

For heat contained destroys the cold within
And light encompassed dispels the dark

Guard therefore

Every goal and every dream
Let your purpose go unseen

Keep it ever tucked away
Til at long last come the day

When all shall look 

And see…


…Jeff Bresee