Captured Soul

Written by: Anthony Nutter


Screams play an exciting melody to his ear
Trying to escape from the torment and fear
Praying for your death, no relief can you see
Begging to die so your soul can roam free

The beating too severe, your eyes start to cloud
Alone and frightened in a darkened shroud
A beacon of light suddenly flooding your essence
The Lord allows you to be aware of his presence

The joy filling your soul cannot be measured
Pain and fear gone, prayers had been answered
Your hand reaches out to touch the creator
Hearing a voice, you can’t stay with the Savior

Awakening to the reality of your captors face
As broken ribs his calloused fingers trace
Tears flow easily, before long they’re streaming
Touching the Savior, You must have been dreaming

Straining against the bindings salvation erased
Searing pain, the soul is forced to embrace
Screaming for mercy, a fool to have been praying
Tormented forever, there’s no hope of escaping