Written by: Michael Poyntz

Thirsty Water

I should have gone to work today but
your tongue convinced me to come
inside and play with you…to ride our
red rocket ship to the  distant planet of
lust where our sensual sins are instantly 
forgiven and celebrated amidst mute pleas for 
gentle mercy so rightly ignored as a token gesture to 
rationality and begging for more is of course
granted by the Court of No Regrets 

You alone have always held the secret
key that released the chastised prisoner of 
passion  locked deep inside of me your taste 
buds have caressed  every morsel of my
body as if I were an ice cube wrapped 
in honey  much like the oyster swallowed 
whole to tease our ravaged pendulums whose 
demand for thirsty water shall be quenched at 
the moment our tongues mysteriously turn ice cold


Note Author Disclaimer: to my fellow poets....these are just words 
on a piece of paper and an experiment in new 
writing styles/expression for me. Topic is not meant to be 
abusive or disrespectful  to ANY reader. Please note this poem is categorized 
by me in the 'Passion' category of PS.