Written by: Brittany Gentry

I cannot breath
I cannot scream
My stomach, twisted
My brain, confused

My throat is parched with lies
Needing the tonic of truth
To quench my murderous thirst
Where can this tonic be found?

Is he lying to me?
This boy i call a brother?
Bound my blood
Shed by the razor
(What) if this is a trick?
Am i being deceived?

Remembering my mothers word
Shed the same vibe as i feel now
He seeks the life that lies within me
The truth of my life
Or so it seems

The boy i call a brother
Is he getting close to only seek my sight?
Is he the steely trap to rob me of my sanity?
(Or) To destroy the sanity I have left?

My body drowns in pain and sorrow
Trying to seek the answers now
Is my brother?
Bound by blood?
A deceiver in mine eye?