Just Who Do You Think You Are

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Little lost weenie ---
Shivering in the fog
Skimpy coat, bulging bones
Strayed too far from her home

I don't keep --ggie food
(Ain't no spoiled picky prude!)
(I'll settle for a smidge)
Well, let's look in the fridge...

Scarf down six sweet pickles?
(The starvin' ain't fickle!)
Box of Raisin Bran gone
You won't be here at dawn...

Good LORD you gettin' fat
As a lazy house-cat!
Gotta' find your real owner
So you're just a loaner...

Many months pass...Alas!
You're a pain in the ass!
Damn! I grumble and grouch
You have chewed up my couch!

Don't you jump on my lap!
Swear to GOD I will slap
Just a snooze now, ya' hear?
While I sip a cold beer...