Written by: Donald Meikle

The bed feels so much purrfect on the morning warm.
Comfort holds like sleepy pillowed arms
If I could just say "Presto" and return 
I'd rise to  walk a beach in rising sun
Dressed in might as well be naked shirt and jeans
The ice of ocean water on my feet
As long legged pipers run ahead
and wind gusts slice through wetted skin
And the sheets are still as warm
The pillow shape still fits my head
I stand leg braced across the bow rail
To watch a  bluefish futile jump to get away
To land and bounce behind my feet
A TV Cajun cook stopped  catch  release plans long ago
There's three filetted and chopped in egg wet sauce
Two  buckets neath the grill
To soon be dropped into the dry
and then saute as  boat approaches shore
To join with friends at mooring dock
Supplying toasted goodness and hot coffee
Buttered marmaladed  croissant wedges 
Taste so fine
and these sheets are just devine