Steinbecks California Town

Written by: Michael Poyntz

Steinbecks California Town

Part of me my love
will always miss
that part of you 
surrendered to my heart 
the first time 
we made love 
beside  Monterrey Bay
the  morning sun was on the rise
as the of the walls of our defenses 
came down..brick by brick
kiss by kiss

I fell in love with you
more than I knew possible
in Steinbecks California town

Three days by a bay
long hot showers for  two
a  room we might  forget one day
the scent of passion so deep so intense
we would never forget…ever
lost soul mates discovered
side by side.heartbeat within heartbeat
walking beside  an ice cold sea
shared kisses hot as flame
we owned… those days
a souvenir no one could ever buy

I love you more now
than I ever thought possible
in Steinbecks California town