Forgiving You

Written by: laura Hew

My resentment is like a parasite.
It’s barbed wire hooks have burrowed deeply into my beating heart.Pulsating it’s poison
into my smile
It’s displeasure so nauseating I lay feverishly under my covers
I want to forgive you……….I want to take all of my bad memories, all of the horrible things
you say
Stuff them in a box, locked in chains
Toss it into the Atlantic and then walk away
My pride is like superglue on the soles of my shoes
Preventing me from getting unstuck
Like a fly caught in a web I fought my way out.
I will push the words from the deep recesses of my chest
Let them pour from my mouth like ancient water fountains in Athens
I Forgive you.In these three words I release the parasitic anger that has clouded my
beautiful soul
I will admit it............I've made mistakes myself.