Life's Masks

Written by: Judith Angell Meyer

Mask of Childhood
and Youth —
	A Dreamer I am
	An adventurer I am 
	Telling stories with crayon
	Riding my Pony into the wind
	Bashful I am – smiling at a boy
	Inching toward the responsibilities of womanhood.

Busy Mask of 
Womanhood —
	Loving I am – a man
	Passing dreams to children
	Adventures encouraging children
	Telling stories – now with Paint
	Teaching my children how to ride into the wind
	Moving toward independent womanhood.

Mask of the
 Old —	Saying goodbye I am – To my heart / man / boy
	But a dreamer I am – still
	An adventurer I am – always
	Telling stories with poetry and paint
	Tending my pony as we remember riding into the wind
	Slowly moving toward final goodbyes ....