How Old Is Old

Written by: Danny Nunn

Since time began, there has been a generation gap
And all their opinions will never change, because of their age
Seems like today's time, the gap has become more extreme
Now they wear their caps backwards, don't use it as a thinking cap
No more respect, this brings older people to sudden rage
It is a nightmare, not the American dream

When asked how old I am, I just smile and say
"Man, I am like Old Testament old""
"You know the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule""
"In school the taught the 3R's and it was all right to pray"
In response some will say, "Wow Old Dude that is cold"
"You really are from The Old School"

Not knowing who George Washington was or what he did
"Isn't he the old gray haired dude on the one dollar bill"
Not knowing if he chopped down the cherry tree or the money tree"
It sure was not like this when I was a kid
What in the Hell has happened to this country
But then to a point God does us free will

The fault lies on both sides in need of repair of the gap that will continue to grow
Like back to basics and thinking with common sense
And knowing who really wears the crown
That is the only way all of us will ever know
For all of us, it is our only defense
Not when  asked what is 2 plus 2, " Back off Pops, the computer is down"