The Devil To Mate

Written by: jai Garg

The shadows playing with the silvery beams,
In devils' imagination her dreams,
Lifted veils and her heart aches for a kiss,
Demon's bride besieged in her nuptial bliss.

Heavy black and heavenly lace to wear,
Taken crudely by the predator,
Cringes as her sister watches in awe,
Waits her turn to be seduced by her mate. 

Thus explored and repeatedly provoked,
Bond and tuned to his pleasure and passion,
She moans and cries in the monster's desire,
Bursts to climax tamed by his raw strikes.

Condemned to play second fiddle her heart cries,
Torn between her co-born and the tyrant,
She pleads for her unhampered induction,
Into hell's systematic subservience.