Reading is Torture

Written by: casper chubs

Well im thinkin that ive always been a romantic
Ive just always been concerned with all girls
To live in a world without them would be tragic
They love to run their fingers through my curls

And just when i think im in love with all
I find myself fallen for one in particular
As we hold hands walking down the hall
I try to catch a glimpse of her sexy figure

I just hope we dont end up like our parents
Well maybe yours wouldnt be so bad
Just know that i live only for your prescence
And without you id be beyond sad

But i dont even want to think of that
I dont even know where my mind will take me
Only with you do i like to chat
I would be a wandering fish if your were the sea

Now as i come to this close
I wonder about the future
I chose not to write this in prose
Because for you to read is torture (hahaha)