A Dying Friend

Written by: casper chubs

I ly in the realm of the non existent
My ties to reality slowly fade
Souls unkempt is what i have spent
Under the sky with eternal shade

We have scratched our hearts into eachother
We are shown to the world as together
Is it okay if i ask you to be mine for forever
Definitely not depending on the weather

Theres a possibilty that one day i might go
I might have to go to the depths of darkness
My mind might escape me and cease to glow
It shall lay open dissected in all its bareness

I hope that you will remain though by my side
Listening to the insanities that will roll of my tongue
Know that it is from you that i could never hide
Its with the few that have fallen to heaven im among

The only words that i mean anymore are i love you
I just want you to never leave me and thats all i can hope for
I can ask the magic 8 ball if you love me too
I know that after life i can never go back with you like before

Just as soon as this wasted life is over
Although i shall not dwell on the end
Of the sweet light that is your flavor
I am glad to have been your closest friend