Never Letting Go

Written by: Danielle Curl

Come be with me a while now,
We've been too long apart.
Stay here by my side now,
we'll let the evening start.
Can't you feel the time rush by? The day will soon depart.

So let me see you smile love,
That impish, playful grin.
How it lights you eyes love,
Your soul glowing from within.

And let me hear you laugh love,
A warm and sunlit sound.
Don't let these moments pass love,
No worries to be found.
We'll laugh and smile and rest a while as happiness surrounds.

No, don't close your eyes love,
Don't hide your gaze from me.
Oh, but how they shine love,
The color of the sea.
And such a joy it is each time you rest those eyes on me!

My fingers brush your face love,They trace its every plane.
My head rests on your chest love,
As we listen to the rain.
It patters on the sidewalk, running down the windowpane.

So wrap your arms around me,
and pull me very close.
I feel your strength surround me,
I'm willing time to slow,
So we can breathe here deep and dreaming, never letting go.