Cold Case Part Two

Written by: Danny Nunn

The female Black Widow Spider, they all do the same
When they copulate with their mate, the next thing you know he is dead
And so goes the cycle, kind of like the game you play
The  Statues of Limitations, it has no time frame
But little lady, God has a price on your head
You will pay, come Judgment Day

Old Joe, was a proud Mexican man when he was alive
They said that he could fix anything, Helluva mechanic
After work, would always have a few beers with his friends
But you made it to where he could not survive
God, the way that he died was traumatic
They all remember, he had a lot of friends

They maybe be old and can't remember five minutes ago, yesterday is clear as a bell
Of all the good times they had with Old Joe, the tales they told me
They way that he died, left a bad taste in their mouth that will not go away
They get to talking, do they have a story to tell
Sooner or later you will have to plead guilty
I figure that old cocaine, will run out on you someday

Old Joe is in the grave, cause you put him there
But his spirit will come to visit you, when you are trying to sleep
You see sweetheart, God has a way of not leaving you alone
If I were a gambling man I bet you don't have a prayer
At night, I reckon you will be counting sheep
The thoughts of Old Joe's ghost will be chilling you to the bone

"Just thought I would drop by and leave a few recollections in your head"
"Not to worry you any, just something for you to think about"
"I know you keep telling everyone that you are not guilty"
"But we have to remember, that is not what all of his friends have said"
"When the jury come back, I don't think that there will be any doubt"
"Sooner or later, we all have to face reality"