What's in a name

Written by: Susan Palli

How would you feel if I told you my name,
and you exchanged it for titles, of it you felt shame.
From Genesis through Revelation, it’s  been pronounced
seven thousand times with my righteousness announced.

Then, Jesus restored the use of my name.
To me he gave glory, as that’s why he came.
I am His Father Who is so proud of him.
He prayed that my name be made holy again.

Sadly once more, false teachers abound
Who will soon be silenced in the cold ground.
So, all you people who  call on my name,
It’s Jehovah, or Yahweh, one and the same.

(Just want to clarify that the Bible translators have replaced the tetragram, YHWH wtih titles 
so that many don't know God's name. However it is not wrong to use titles in worship)