Power In His Blood

Written by: Danny Nunn

Our skin maybe different colors, but everyone's blood is red
Our hearts maybe different, they all pump the same color of blood
It is our life source, that kept us alive
God know this, as he knows every hair on our head
There is good and evil in this world, the same goes for blood
For some it will be their demise, the righteous will survive

I was raised on a cattle ranch in southern New Mexico
With droughts and hard times, we could not afford to lose many
From time to time, packs of wild dogs would kill our cattle
Not for the meat, just kill and go
But for the taste of blood, they cost a pretty penny
Not like coyotes that did it for something to eat, it was a battle

For the taste of blood, they will go mad
A narcotic to drive a drug addict insane
Nothing could quench the thirst, until they would kill
For the blood, can make a good dog  go bad
For all living creatures, drinking blood does something to the brain
It was not just a game or for the thrill

In years  past, I have investigated several cattle mutilations
In all  the evil things done, this one will always stay the same
Devil worshipers, will take the blood from a living calf
To them they are taking "the life force" in these situations
And always try to give someone else the blame
Many other things are done, this is not even half

They drink the blood in their satanic rituals for the power
With drugs to alter their minds,to Satan they chant and rave
The blood will determine their behavior
Of false thoughts that they will be victorious in the final hour
As it will take them all to their grave
We know that there is power in his blood, Jesus Christ, Our Savior