Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

This is the story of Tweety
 who flew in our window one day.
I felt I couldn't keep him
 so I gave Tweety away.

I gave him to my next door neighbor
 and she had a bird of her own
so she put them in her cage together
 so they would not be alone.

They got along fine for a short time
 then Tweety began to attack!
Shortly thereafter my neighbor
 asked me to take Tweety back!

At first I was a little reluctant
 but I didn't want her bird to die
so I told her to bring Tweety over
 at least I was willing to try.

He sure was a vicious wee bugger
 for something so fragile and small
and I have to admit from the onset
 I didn't like Tweety at all.

He looked so sweet and so cuddly
 with feathers of soft blue and white
but looks can be so deceiving 
'cause boy that Tweety could bite!

But soon he started to mellow,
 I whistled and he'd whistle back.
The more attention I gave him
 the less he was prone to attack.
He flew round the room on occasion
 and would land on our chandelier.
He'd walk all over my shoulders
 and occasionally nibble my ear.

I'll admit that he won me over
 which I never thought he would do.
He's considered a part of the family
 and we all love him it's true!

We've welcomed him into our hearts now
 and hope that he has a long stay.
So that's the story of Tweety
 who flew in our window one day!