What You Do

Written by: casper chubs

Youre the reason for these words 
Because every time we say goodbye
I feel so strange afterwards

And for once i dont know what to say
How i ll ever put this down on this blank paper
I think its in your name from the k to the a
And how it turns my fears to vapor

I try to not look at the future
Or what exactly it may bring
Because everything without you is a blur

I dont think i could ever forget
our first date or the first kiss
Its on you that i would always bet
Because youre the equivalent to bliss

If you were the blue wide ocean
Then id be a fish swimming
Roaming trying to find your passion

When im not with you i like to be alone
Its some kind of weird wiring where i become a hermit
Kind of like that feeling when you call me on the phone
But its of being alone that im tiring i cant explain it

So i guess im sort of saying it all for you
I guess id probably say anything
Because baby this is exactly what you do